Looking for Projects in Ottawa

Due to changes in personal circumstance I am actively looking for projects in Ottawa.  Past projects I have executed in Ottawa are e-beam evaporators for NRC and environment test chamber for rats with Health Canada research.

My business is manufacturing automation. I execute many one-time projects for the various clients. Most clients return to have further work done.

Reasons why they contract me:

Relieve workload on existing personnel

Fill the gap between engineering and IT. Real-time data collection of production or process information into a database like Oracle is a lot different from business applications.

Provide Engineering mentoring for younger employees

Workstation re-fits. Existing controls or display screens are obsolete and need replacement but PLC control needs to be reverse engineered and re-programmed for the new system.

Control system issues that cannot be resolved. I have experience in electrical, electronic and control systems.  This lets me find problems and solutions that may not be apparent to individual specialists.

I provide outstanding service at a fair price.

I execute projects within client timeline requirements.

Typical Project:

http://rmsystems.ca/older-projects/ecr-deposition-using-rf-plasma/ (Many others shown here)

Please contact me if you or anyone you know have requirements like these.

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