Win 7 disk recovery – Bootrec

I just spent two days on a laptop hard drive recovery. I woke up and powered on my computer and it would not boot. The drive was also listed as uninitialized by the BIOS.

I feared the worst but put the SATA drive into a USB adapter and ran EaseUS partition manager. It was able to recover the three disk partitions and I immediately copied any recent files to a backup drive. All my files seemed there and undamaged. An HDScan said there were no bad blocks.

I put the drive back in the laptop and found I didn’t have a Win 7 DVD handy to run the Recovery program. Luckily Win 7 ISO is readily available in the Internet. Once I downloaded it, ran the recovery option (below the new Win 7 install button). It booted the computer twice but then finally said it could not detect any errors.

Using the option to get a command prompt, I learned all possible options for using diskpart. Then tried bcdboot and bcdedit.

The final answer was “bootrec.exe /FixMbr” and magically the laptop was back to normal. Really? What was the MS Win 7 recovery program really doing besides hard drive error scans? Shouldn’t the final step of the recovery done this?

Anyway glad to have my laptop back to working order.


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