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Exercise for 3D Printing

  1. Replicator Exercise

Open stl. Rescale to 75%. Place on platform. Generate GCode.

Try functions for View, Rotate. Undo.

  1. Sketchup Exercise

New drawing. Draw 80,60 mm rectangle at origin.

Delete guideline figure. Zoom Extents. Orbit so you can see the rectangle drawn.

Draw 21,15 mm rectangle at origin. Draw 4.5 mm radius circle at the endpoint.

Draw a 6 mm slot, 30 mm above the 4.5 mm hole and 35 mm long. Hint: Use tape measure or a rectangle

Outline plate to 60×85 mm and add 1mm mounting holes at the corners.

Delete construction lines and pull face up to 3.6 mm

Challenge exercise: Fillet corners to follow the mounting holes. Redo 6 mm slot and radius it to the 4.5 mm axle hole.

3) What keys/mouse button are the same as Solidworks?

4) Make a bracket to hold something at a 120 degree angle

Create a part that might be useful on this year’s robot.

Further resources/notes on the Makerbot Thing-o-matic:

Google search “thingomatic generate settings” Use version 0027

0040 doesn’t work with Makerbot 7. Maybe a version in between will work smoother? Software quirks: Long start-up, long delay after a build to recover the control panel. Always close RepilcatorG before computer hibernating otherwise the COM port gets lost and needs a reboot.

Softwware for printing with the FLSun:

Copy of Powerpoint



Using Rafts

3D Objects to download See #3DBenchy

Formlabs Laser Sintering, Epilog Laser Cutter