Daily Archives: February 11, 2021


A friend asked what websites I have so here are my blogs and other sites:

New for 2021 – Winter Trail

Ottawa West Winter Trail: https://owwt.wordpress.com/

RM Systems Integrators

My company website:

https://rjmah.wordpress.com/ This site went through a few incarnations in Microsoft Frontpage, Java bits, HTML hand coding then to WordPress.

My first blog:

http://oldhat-2u.blogspot.ca/ Various thoughts from 2003 to 2010. Blogspot doesn’t seem to have the continuous scroll feature so you have to actual pick the archives at the right side to see the old posts.

An old bad tech story: http://oldhat-2u.blogspot.ca/2007_09_01_archive.html

Carbon Block

Yes I’m searching a grassroots way to reduce global warming:


https://epiver.wordpress.com/ first blog about sustainable communities

Line Dance 

I ran a large Toronto event for 5 years but passed it to Judy McDonald and Tina Veliotis.


https://donnalaurin.wordpress.com/ I started Donna on WordPress in 2010. She’s kept her site good-looking and up to date.

Robotics and ACI

I was a member on the Agincourt Collegiate Institute School Council in 1999. I started their first website (done in Frontpage, archaic MS tool) then helped on various incarnations at this high school. These are what’s left online about the Robotics team which I consider I officially retired from in 2015.

https://team1246.wordpress.com/ newer but little content

http://team1246.blogspot.ca/ older but with some video links

https://agincourtci.wordpress.com/ a placeholder but I don’t want to give up the URL

https://agincourtci.wordpress.com/philipwong/ remaining link to now retired registered charity

Distance Cycling

https://friendsforliferally.wordpress.com/ 5 day ride from Toronto to Montreal in 2011

https://riding4u.wordpress.com/ Unused placeholder that I forgot I registered. I think I meant to use it for my 5 day unsupported ride from Ottawa to Montreal in 2012. When I say unsupported I mean with panniers and carry all our own clothes, food and water. This is in contrast to previous supported charity rides where all our camping gear is moved each day and there are organised snack, lunch and water stops. Also support vans if we have a bike problems. We just needed to ride our bikes.


This is the community I used to live in:

https://rosewood2.wordpress.com/ I put Courtney and Sandra on WordPress. The site is looking so good now.

Rotary Club of Agincourt

https://agincourtrotary.wordpress.com/  I maintain this even though officially I’m no longer a member.

https://trumpaids.wordpress.com/ I helped organise this walk in 2011. They dropped the Trump this year so it’s just Poker Walk for HIV/AIDS http://toronto.rotaryaidswalk.ca/

Bookkeeping Services

https://meitang.wordpress.com/ My wife

3D Printed Wearable Art  https://pasauquebec.wordpress.com/ Currently a duplicate or RM Systems. Originally was 3D printed crosses of various sizes to mock the Quebec government’s definition of what size of cross was acceptable for public civil service.

Bryan’s Journey

My nephew fight with cancer in 2007


Carmen’s Journey

Life is more than the words that were said

https://carmenmah.wordpress.com/ Website is now private but let me know if you’d like to access this

Flemingdon Park Pentecostal but only if they want me to work on it and send me some content. Never launched.

So I can remember who no longer has a spouse or parent:


Also deleted a WordPress site that was a demo created for a friend who’s a dentist and a Rotarian.

This JMT blog which was supposed to be my 21 day hike in 2015 but ended up being a different journey.