Ultrahigh Vacuum

Control system design and integration onto a single computer touchscreen. Various projects included:

Vacuum system interlocks

Automated pumpdown with trending. Valve sequencing

Pump start/stop: dry, rotary vane, turbo, cryo with regen function, diffusion

Load lock gate valves. Butterfly throttling valves.

Chillers, substrate heaters, bake-out.

Mass Flow controllers with automated recipes for multiple layer depositions

Electron beam with crystal controlled stop on target layer thickness.

Ceramic boats with automated wire feed

ECR/ICP-CVD high voltage control

Custom Residual Gas Analyser (RGA) displays

CC, TC, Ion Gauging integration with live trending

TXR Custom Thermal infrared transfer radiometer interface

Custom interface to J. A. Woollam Co.  Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

Automated sequence, trend logging and safety interlocks for unattended operation

Bar code reading and printing for production tracking


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