Automated Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

ISRO Cryo Cooler Graphic Display


The original system consisted of a AB SLC 5/02 and Panelview 550 providing supervisory control of an ultrahigh vacuum system for fabrication of germanium and aluminum wafers. The deposition controller is a Leybold IC5.  This equipment is housed in a semiconductor fab clean room.

New version of this control system uses an Advantech flat panel touchscreen with an application in Visual Basic.  PLC is AB MicroLogix 850 and a Kinetix Servo drive for motion. Trend graphs display process pumpdown and deposition. Indexer provides manual or automatic material selection for mulitple layers.

RM Systems Integrators provides control system design and programming for this client with systems in Edmonton, Moncton, Ottawa, China and India.


  • Entry of batch numbers and selection of product for controller download

  • Visual Alarms for pumpdown and process errors
  • Automated data collection of process during pumpdown and deposition
  • Solid State drive
Automated regeneration of the cryogenic pumps

Technical Details

  • Visual Basic 6.  Enhanced performance with custom classes providing “change of state” refreshing.
  • Can be run in Windows 10.
  • MS Access database with Ethernet/Wifi connectivity
  • IOComp Instrumentation Pack – ActiveX
  • Gigasoft Trend charts
  • Custom connection software from PC to Leybold IC5
  • and IC6
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/03, MicroLogix 850, Advantech flat panel PC
Updated October 2020

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