International Extrusion Project


The production planning and process recipes are contained in a MS Access database. This is accessible on a Windows for Workgroups peer-to-peer network from the Process Engineer’s PC. Wonderware allows ODBC access to the database to download the order information and the control setpoints directly to the AB PLC 5/20.

All operator controls were via touchscreen with the exception of Emergency Stop. Control popup and ramp keys facilitated operation of the line.

This is an international project that required working with a version of Windows for Workgroups in Arabic. All operator screens were composed in French, as this is one of Lebanon’s official languages.

Subsequent projects include French screens in Quebec and training for operators en Français.


  • Automated control of temperatures and wire size
  • Centralised alarming for operator
  • Operator views immediate production schedule
  • Automated data collection

Technical Details

Controller: Allen Bradley PLC 5/20
Controller communications: DH-Plus, Serial to processor.
Operating System: Windows for Workgroups V3.11 (Arabic Version)
SCADA Software: Wonderware V5.6 subsequent projects in V7, V10
Network:  Novell Netware, MS Netbuei
Database: MS Access V2.0

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