Ultrahigh Vacuum Deposition Slurry


EGun and resistive boat deposition into a slurry in a glass flask.  Dual 10 KV electron gun, Dual Resistive 6 Volt, 300 Amp.

Automated controls include, pump down, vent, ramped deposition, recipe storage for process repeatability.


  • Process Recipe selection and storage
  • Visual Alarms for pumpdown and process errors
  • Automated data collection of process during pumpdown and deposition into MS Access database allowing network remote access
  • Live trend graphs

Technical Details

  • Visual Basic 6.  Custom classes and user controls provide smart pushbuttons, PID control template and “change of state” refreshing.
  • MS Access 2000 database with Ethernet connectivity
  • IOComp Instrumentation Pack – ActiveX features trend with scroll, zoom and cursor functions
  • Custom connection software from PC to Sigma 160 Crystal Thickness Monitor
  • Koyo Automation Direct DL-250 PLC
  • LCD flat panel touchscreen with PC

Client link:  http://www.torrovap.com/


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