Wire Enamel Oven


Conversion of a 90’s DOS application to an XYCOM InteractX HMI.  OEM for this equipment was no longer in business.  Tag database created from old listings and PLC program.

Controls and monitors wire enamelling oven.

The system retains trend history using Gigasoft ProEssentials Scientific Graphing.


  • Improved Controls, ease of use while still retaining function key access
  • Automated process data collection
  • Data files are accessible from plant LAN.  Can be viewed for any 24 hour period for the prior year.  Can be zoomed and saved as a CSV file for further analysis.

Technical Details

Controller:  AB PLC 5/15
Controller communications:  Serial to XYCOM 3712 KPM.
Operating System:  WIN XP Pro
SCADA Software:  CTC InteractX
Network:  Microsoft, 100BaseT
Trending Software:  Gigasoft ProEssentials Scientific Standard

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