ICP Deposition using RF Plasma



Automated controls include, pump startup and shutdown sequence, load lock pump down, vent, interlock to prevent manipulator damage, ramped deposition and recipe storage.  Multi-layer and layer sequence repeat functions.

8 Mass Flow gases controlled from touchscreen via serial port to MKS 647B with Baratrom pressure monitoring.  Complete RF power control from touch screen using a RS-232 interface to a SVTA interface and matching box.  Ethernet connection to a Woolam Ellispsometer with Ease software.


  • Automated controls and Process Recipe for process repeatability
  • Recipes allowed multiple layer repetition, for example, 5 repeats of an ABCD sequence of mass flow settings and deposition
  • Alarms logging of process faults
  • Automated data collection of process during  deposition into MS Access database allowing network remote access,  Data includes actual mass flow settings, forward power, reflected power, chamber pressure, deposition rate and layer thickness.
  • Live trend graphs, as well as historical graphs of prior runs

Technical Details

  • Visual Basic 6.
  • MS Access 2000 database with Ethernet connectivity
  • IOComp Instrumentation Pack – ActiveX features trend with scroll, zoom and cursor functions
  • Custom software for communication from PC to SVTA source and Advanced Energy power supply.
  • Koyo-Automation Direct DC-250-2 PLC control.  DDEServer connection to computer.
  • VB written serial connection to MKS 647B Mass Flow Controller  www.mksinst.com
  • Ethernet connection to Woolam Ease Software for optical thickness monitoring
  • Customer supplied Elotouch LCD touchscreen

Client Link:  http://www.ultrahivac.com/


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