ISRO India Space Agency Cryo Cooler

ISRO Cryo Cooler Graphic Display

Load Cell Controls Stepper Motor to provide zero pressure on connecting flange.

Cryo Stepper Strain Relief


Redundant Cryo Bench Cooler for India Space agency. Used to test satellite components in a vacuum chamber. Some tests can run for months and requires 100% uptime all components were built as dual redundant, including PLC I/O and power supplies.

Dual Turbo Pumps evacuate the chamber attached to the flange. During pump out and cool down no strain can be placed on the flange a load cell connects to an Oriental Motor Stepper and maintains zero strain.

Systems are programmed in Visual Basic with MS Access process and datalogging. Databases are periodically replicated to back-up storage and data servers.


  • Automated pump down and vent
  • Automated process data collection
  • Data files are accessible from any workstation via wireless Ethernet

Technical Details

Controller:  AB SLC 5/05 Controller communications:  Ethernet to HP Computers.
Operating System:  WIN XP Pro
Software:  Visual Basic 6
Network:  100BaseT, Wireless 802.11b
Trending Software:  IOComp

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