Metallised Film Products


This was a retrofit conversion of an existing DOS based control system.

Control of vacuum pumps, ceramics boat sources and aluminium wires.

Optical density control for even coating across the plastic film.

Integration to Red Lion plant monitoring display


  • Open PLC and DeviceNet architecture
  • DeviceNet provided lower cost and distributable solution
  • Low cost Visual Basic 6 HMI
  • Automatic and Manual control of vacuum pumps, ceramic boat heats and wirefeeds.
  • Optical density control and wire rate balancing
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Excellent match to operator needs

Technical Details

Controller: Omron C200HG PLC,  DeviceNet I/O
Controller communications: Serial to processor.  Custom Visual Basic Omron driver.
Operating System: Windows NT4, updated to Windows XP
Programming Software: Visual Basic V6.0
Network:  MS peer to peer
Database: MS Access 97, updated to Access 2007

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