Selected Past Projects

Shortest Project:

Operate a serial controlled display board for Taekwondo competition scoring. Koyo PLC had been programmed but display needed to be interfaced. 2 day weekend project.

Most Challenging

150 ft. truck frame paint drying line. Both PLC programmers had left company. Programming needed to be added to display production rates and to optimize times to achieve desired output capacity.

Municipal Wastewater – Y2K testing

AB PLC-5, SLC5, Omron  Intellution Fix

Test every SCADA node, PC and PLC associated with wastewater plant while minimising disruption of the process.  This is in anticipation of future upgrades to the systems.

Electronics – Fixture for EEPROM

Visual Basic 3 & 4

IC serial bus programming and memory diagnostics of an embedded temperature control system.  Production tracking system using bar code printers, scanners and an MS Access database with briefcase replication.

Used a bed of nails for production board programming and memory verification.


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