Production KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Downtime, Linespeed, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Effective Equipment Productivity (TEEP)

extrusion cropped


Summary and detail machine panes display information at a glance or detail, as required.

Order number, hours remaining on order run, target speed, minutes of downtime, run, set-up used for detail monitoring or calculation of OEE.

Colour coded machine run/stop, OEE percent.  Stacked bar graph shows runtime over the last 12 hours.


This application monitors every machine in the plant (approx. 150).

Technical Detail

Ignition application. Uses Java and web-based. Can be opened anywhere in the plant or remotely via VPN.

Cloud computing SCADA software: Inductive Automation

Oracle 10g database for storage. Stored procedures, triggers to create summary data. 7 million rows of raw data.

Source data includes OPC to PLC’s, FSGateway to Wonderware, distributed data queries to HMI Oracle 8i data sources, legacy data replication to Oracle 7.1 for order schedule and recipes.


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